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Getting Started

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Start implementing the AASL Standards by by taking one small but meaningful step for each of the Shared Foundations.

Identifying pathways to integrate the school library standards into your already standards-rich educational work can help ease implementation.

What Should I Know? What Should I Do? What Should I Share?

Formative assessments can provide valuable information about what the next (or first) steps you should take to approach a learning target like implementing the new AASL Standards. A district librarian shares her process in this Knowledge Quest article, New District, New School Year, New Standards: Starting at the Beginning. For Jennisen, she found breaking her school library evaluation into the Shared Foundations helped her break her assessment into bite sized pieces. She based her questions on the following evaluation checklist.

Use this School Library Evaluation Checklist to determine the areas where your school library is already strong and where you can begin to set goals for improvement year after year.

The School Library Evaluation Checklist is most effective when completed by the school librarian working with others in the school library community. Consider inviting a small group of stakeholders including administrators, classroom educators, parents, and, perhaps learners to provide their feedback on these checklist categories.

Connecting Competencies: Learner, School Librarian and School Library

View this archived webinar to be introduced to the language of competencies as part of the structure of the AASL Standards. The intentional shift from outcomes to competencies in the standards is designed to better align the AASL framework with other education standards and provide increased opportunities for learners, school librarians, and school libraries to thrive in a more personalized learning environment.

Access to the webinar is free and open to all. You will be asked to create an account on the AASL Learning Library to gain access to the recording.

AASL Standards Card Game

​This game was designed to aid in conceptualizing the standards, developing implementation strategies, considering differing approaches with stakeholders, and promoting conversation among practitioners.​

Free DIY Download | $25 Complete Set

What Educators Are Saying About the AASL Standards


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