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American Library Association. Manufacuturing Makerspaces American Libraries. February 2013. Advice and experiences of library makerspace developers.

Catalano, Frank. Want to Start a Makerspace at School: Tips to Get Started February 12, 2013. Mind Shift. Practical guide to starting your own makerspace.

Hertz, Mary Beth.Creaing Makerspaces in Schools June 28, 2012. Article from Education Trends column on Edutopia.

Kroski, Ellyssa. A Librarians Guide to Makerspaces: 16 Resources March 12, 2013. Open Education Database. Collection of resources for developing a library makerspace.

Makerspace Playbook Spring 2013. Practical guidelines on setting up your library makerspace.

Preddy, Leslie. Creating School Library Makerspace February 2013. School Library Monthly. Transform your school library into a new destination for participatory learning.

Thomas, Parker. Transforming a School Library Into a Makerspace2013. Make. Discover the power of a library makerspace by reading about these successes.

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Harland, Pam. The Learning Commons: Seven Simple Steps to Transform Your Library Santa Barbara, CA. Libraries Unlimited. 2011. ISBN 978-1598845174. This title offers information on transforming your school library into a thriving user-friendly learning commons.

Preddy, Leslie.School Library Makerspaces Santa Barbara, CA. Libraries Unlimited. 2013. ISBN 978-1-61069-494-0. Learn how to implement a makerspace in your intermediate, middle or high school library.

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Library Websites and Blogs

Ginsburg, Sharona. Libraries and Maker Culture: a Resource Guide Ginsburg offers her expertise on the subject of library makerspaces and how they have been developed in a variety of academic and public libraries.

Hamilton, Buffy. Makerspaces, Participatory Learning and Libraries 2012. The Unquiet Librarian (June 28) The educational opportunities in a school library makerspace are discussed here.

Make It At Your Library Website developed by a group of people who came together as part of an IMLS grant to share information about makerspaces with librarians in their communities.

Mannella, Lorenzo. How to Turn a School Into a Makerspace From Maker Faire Rome.

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Other Online Resources

Palmer, Russell.Libraries as Makerspaces September 2013. Slidshare presentation with information on library makerspaces.

Payne, Erica and Craddock,IdaMae. Making Maker SpacesConference presentation on the topic.

Sweeney, PC. Maker Cookbook. Document with ideas for library maker activities and projects.

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