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The following resources discuss various aspects of E-books, E-readers and their use in schools, school libraries, etc.

20 Questions: E-books & Digital Content. This “20 Questions” document is intended to supplement AASL’s Position Statement on Digital Content and E-books in School Library Collections.

Casida, Fiona. Pixilated Librarian E-Book and E-Reader Blog One of the most comprehensive sources of current E-book and E-reader information (as they relate to classroom and instructional use. Topics include “DRM and File Formats”, “E-reader Rental Form”, etc. Although last updated in 2012, it still contains several useful links.

The Digital Shift: eBooks Collection of articles found in Library Journal.

Douglas County Library Report Report from Douglas County, CO comparing prices for print and digital books from July, 2013.

eBooks Collection of posts about eBooks from School Library Journal.

Ebooks and Digital Content resources from ALA

Ennis, Matt and Sarah Bayliss. The Digital Shift: SLJ’s School Ebook Market Directory School Library Journal, September 3, 2013 Overview of the e-book marketplace with a snapshot of offerings from major e-book vendors.

From Paper to Pixel: Digital Textbooks and Florida’s Schools [White Paper] Digital textbooks will soon be part of every classroom in the United States. This trend accompanies an imperative for schools to facilitate 21st century learning in which educators prepare students to learn and live productively in a global society where accurate and current information is a meaningful part of everyday learning. School librarians, especially those in Florida, can be key players in the successful implementation of digital textbooks to foster a sensible, balanced solution for educators and learners. July, 2010.

INFOhio E-Book Study Group [Part of INFOhio 21st Century Learning Commons] Group members share their knowledge about how eBooks and eTextbooks can be used effectively in school libraries. This group also studies issues related to the mobile devices that can be used to read eBooks.

Jabr, Ferris. The Reading Brain and the Digital Screen, Scientific American, April 11, 2013. Recent research on how our brains interpret paper versus digital books.

Lagarde, Jennifer. Hooked on e-Books This informative prezi session shows how to best incorporate e-readers into classroom instruction. April, 2011.

Leverkus, Cathy and Shannon Acedo. Ebooks and the School Library Program: A Practical Guide for the School Librarian Chicago: AASL, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-8389-8672-1. This new book from ALA is available in print, eBook, or bundle with both.

Massachusetts eBook Pilot Project This blog documents a state-wide eBook project in Massachusetts.

Parker, Kathleen. E-Book Educators Group While this blog originally focused on Kindle use in the classroom, this comprehensive resource and discussion area now features a variety of e-Book-related topics, including the iPad, special needs, e-Book reading issues, and the like.

Polanka, Sue. No Shelf Required® is a blog about eBooks, loosely defined to discuss eBooks, audio books, and other digital content found in libraries as well as the technology needed to read and listen to this digital content. Electronic reference interfaces are another popular topic of conversation. The blog is designed to inform librarians and publishers of the happenings in the industry, from a variety of perspectives, and give them an opportunity to discuss eBook issues.

Project Gutenburg eBooks and other free resources.

Roslund, Samantha. Sharpening the Library Nose: Evaluating eStorybooks School Library Media Monthly, April 2012. Includes five aspects for evaluation, references, and links to quality samples.

Tips for Building Your eBook Collection This ALSC Blog entry has some helpful, basic tips for building and maintaining a collection. There are numerous other entries on the blog relating to digital content that could prove useful as well.

Valenza, Joyce. My Personal eBook Journey and the EBSCO e-book Academic Collection Never Ending Search, School Library Journal, March 27, 2013. Joyce Valenza describes her search for a perfect e-book experience for her school libraries.

Valenza, Joyce. Only 2 Clicks Webpage created to show over seventy sources of free eBooks on the web.